Title: Damaged Goods — Category: Packaging — Deliverables: identity system, catalogue, poster, soundtrack, dvd collection,

festival schedule + tickets, ads, signage system, website


— London International Creative Competition, 2019 [Hmention]

Damaged Goods is a hypothetical film festival celebrating the works of famous director Paul Thomas Anderson, also known as PTA.


The name of the festival was purely inspired by the recurring characters in Anderson's movies; they're always damaged and constantly searching for a family to replace the one they were born in, but kicked out of for a different reason each time.

The location—1001 Canoga Ave, Chatsworth CA—is the warehouse where the movie Punch-Drunk Love was shot. The reason for this choice of venue is to reflect the vision in Anderson's movies where he insists on presenting a very raw and realistic version of the truth and, in turn, of Los Angeles.