— Adobe Live Editorial Design [2018]


— Webby Awards [2020]

Creativity International Design Awards [2020]

Adobe Live Interview—

Adobe Live is an online community where creatives can share ideas on topics such as illustration, graphic design, motion design and photography via livestreams and live chats.


— Print Finishes: Push your Designs from Good to Great [2018]

— HOW + Print book The Best of Design


IADAS [2020]

People of Print [2020]


DNA Paris [2019]

— Communication Arts [2018–2019]

— PRINT Regional Design Awards [2018]

— iJungle Graphic Design Awards [2018]

— Graphic Design, Indesign, and Student Show [Behance Feature]

— London International Creative Competition, Hmention [2019]

— London International Creative Competition, Hmention [2019]

Book Feature—

Print Finishes features almost 150 pieces of creative works in the printing industry. It embarks upon a wonderful journey of distinctive design and surprising creativity and will be a valuable guide to print design. It will be a remarkable source of inspiration for people in graphic design and printing effects field.

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